Karo Bio Research Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to award grants to research projects within the scope of Karo Bio´s research field. For information on Karo Bio´s research, please see ”About Karo Bio” and ”Pipeline”.

Grants 2013
Grants awarded during 2013 so far are:

  • Professor Jan-Åke Gustafsson, Houston, Texas, USA “Estrogen receptor beta ligands: targeting primary and metastatic prostatic cancer through induction of  DACH1” 320.000 SEK
  • Professor Jan Tuckermann, Ulm, Germany “The orphan nuclear receptors NR4A2 and NR4A3: Novel glucocorticoid receptor targets in osteoporosis” 350.000 SEK
  • Professor Rhonda Voskuhl, Dept of  Neuorology, UCLA, USA ”Unique effects of ER ligand treatment of the MS model” 350.000 SEK.

For awards 2007 – 2013, please see ”Related Documents”.

To ensure that applications are within the scope of Karo Bio´s research field as required by the statutes of the Research Foundation, applicants are encouraged to put them together in collaboration with scientists at Karo Bio. Application deadlines are 28 February, 31 May, 31 August and 31 November of each year. Please submit applications to researchfoundation@karobio.se.

The application, in English and not exceeding four pages, should contain:

  • Summary
  • General research idea
  • Purpose of the project
  • Research plan and budget including overhead costs
  • Relevance
  • Literature references
  • Short cv for applicant

If the research project involves the use of substances that are not commercially available, the applicant’s right to use these substances for the suggested project should be verified.

A scientific evaluation of the applications is conducted together with an independent Scientific Advisory Board. The Karo Bio Research Foundation then decides on grants based on scientific criteria and the relevance of the project to Karo Bio.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of:

  • Professor Ingemar Björkhem, Karolinska Institutet
  • Professor Anders Jacobsson, Stockholm University
  • Professor Anders Grahnén, Uppsala University